Impatiently Waiting For… Sayonara Umihara Kawase

It’s been a frankly shocking four years since Umihara DS so to say I’m itching for this new entry is something of an understatement! Having “Sayonara” in the title obviously is cause for some sadness but with the original team on board there’s no reason to believe this will be anything less than a great game and a good send off for the legendary fish-battling, line-swinging series.

Some of the most interesting news is that there are four playable characters – young and old (old! She’s 20!) Umihara and to new ones; Yokoyama Noko (the 18 year old with blue hair) and Emiko chan (the 9 year old with blond hair). It looks like these two new ladies bring new and more newbie-friendly gameplay to the table; Noko (from the future!) can slow time down to help with those difficult jump/grab/swing moments and Emiko can restart from checkpoints within the level rather than having to do the whole thing again.

Other non-gameplay related extras mentioned include unlockable costumes hidden in backpacks around stages and an illustration gallery.