A Post About Post: Umihara Kawase Shun


So yesterday I finally got my paws on the Playstation version of Umihara Kawase – great! I’ve not had the time to sit down with it like I should yet but all signs point to it being more of the same; usually a criticism but as the original is one of the most unique and wonderful platformers of its era there’s no complaints here.

While I may not have had the time to play much of the game (the bit you’re supposed to do), I did take the time to poke around the disc and that brought up a few images people might (I should probably stress that “might” there) want to see. First of all, here are the background images used in the game but always obscured by the scenery:



And what better way to finish off this post than with the “game over” fish?


By the way – if you have no idea what Umihara Kawase is, have a quick look at my post about the DS version here.