Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

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Hopefully Ys VI and Ys in general will be familiar to anyone reading this so I’ll keep the description brief – out of the two official English releases the PSP port is closest to the PC version, retaining the mix of 2D spritework and 3D locations that would later be used in Oath in Felghana and Origin. This post is mainly about the extras included in the PC’s first print edition shown below.
The first extra is a CD titled “Ys Complete Works”; this CD contains emulated versions of Ys I – V, courtesy of Project EGG’s PC-88 and SFC emulators. Although listed as “complete” this collection doesn’t include any ports, either ones by Falcom themselves (such as the MSX or X68000 versions of Ys III) or others like Hudson’s Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys.
The emulation is no-frills but accurate; there are options to add scanlines, play in fullscreen or windowed mode, joypad support and a few other small customisations. Save states or not supported but the emulator can be paused at any time if the player needs a break. As the games are completely unaltered from their original releases the payer must manually change the floppies themselves when the game requests a new disc, luckily Project EGG keep everything neatly organised and always have the full list of required floppies accessible in drop-down menus along the top of the screen.
The second extra is a sort-of music DVD – totalling 60 minutes run time and split into 20 chapters Ys Special Collection ~All About Falcom~ (not to be confused with the music CD Ys Special Collection -All About Falcom- Memorial Sounds) plays a wide selection of promotional videos accompanied by relevant original and arranged music. Apart from the expected Ys coverage there are also segments on other Falcom titles such as Eiyuu Densetsu III, The Legend of Xanadu and Popful Mail, as well as licensees item’s such as Hudson’s Ys IV and the Ys OVAs.
For anyone who wants to play the PC version of Ys VI in English an all-new translation can be found here.