Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 5

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Xian Jian 5 is set two generations after the events in the first game - first hand knowledge of previous entries isn’t required but there are references, big and small, tucked away in there if you’re familiar with the series.
The main cast is made up of four characters – Jiang Yun Fan, Tang Yu Rou, Xiao Man and Long You. Although they all meet by chance, as the game progresses it is revealed that they are all connected to each other; some by past events, some by friendships that build up along the way. The “theme” of the story is that people are not always how they appear to be, and as the tale unravels their circumstances are revealed to the player.
While there are four characters in the game, battles only allow three at a time, with one person (switchable at will) being back up. The same time bar system seen in previous Xian Jian games is used again here, selecting an action brings up a small cursor that shows where that characters next turn will come in addition to the current enemy/ally turn order. A new feature for this game is the ability to instantly restart a lost battle with all items/HP/MP restored rather than being forced to reload from the last save (saving can be done at just about any time anyway).
The game does have some DLC, but at the time of writing it is merely small extras rather than new story content or similar.
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