Wind Fantasy 5

Original Title
風色幻想 5
Fun Yours
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Wind Fantasy 5 is actually the sixth in the Wind Fantasy series, an anomaly caused by the release Wind Fantasy SP back in 2000. There are currently two further SRPG entries after this one (6 and XX), with the most recent game being Wind Fantasy Online. It would appear that Fun Yours do not intend to create any further single player games at this time.
Although part of a long running series the story was designed to be self contained, part of the same setting as the others but not requiring prior knowledge of the series. Both dialogue choices and at certain points battle actions effect the plot, leading to at least three possible endings.
The gameplay is based on customisation – in battle your actions and abilities are defined by RAP points; a set amount is given to each character at the start of their turn which may be spent however you please (move multiple times, move then attack, attack then heal, just about anything is fine so long as you have the points for it). Furthermore, the costs of actions can be altered with equippable titles, so should you decide you want a character to be more mobile you can reduce the points required to execute the “move” command (you can expect this to increase the cost of another action too). It is also possible to alter the skillset of any character based on the “seals” they have equipped.
Out of battle travelling is done either through a menu system (in the city) or via a 3D overworld map (free roaming). Most of the time you are free to revisit old battlegrounds to level up your team or earn extra cash.
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