Travel Epule

Original Title
PC Engine
(Super CD-ROM)
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Travel Epule's eponymous heroine is a cute girl in an oversized pink penguin outfit charged with travelling across the globe to collect Penguin Magic and defeat the terrible Dark Penguin (yes, really). This is done via a series of single screen one-on-one matches against anything from policemen to dolphins and wisps of purple cloud; Epule dispatching her enemies with the grenades, bombs, and iron pipes that randomly spawn in each area. Once Penguin Magic becomes available these spells can be activated so long as Epule has a magic charge – this is dependent on the stage in question and varies from 1 – 3. There are five spells in total, some offensive, some defensive.
The arenas all have their own unique hazards – some are simply physical obstacles; but there are also slippery tiles, spikes, warps and other quirks to watch out for. Each arena only has a single adversary, the stage is completed only when either Epule or her opponent have run out of energy.
The one exception to this are the special stages where Epule acquires new Penguin Magic – in these a magic wand is placed in a fixed position and Epule must grab it while avoiding the stage's enemy (these stages contain no items and as such there is no way to eliminate her opponent). Each area is finished off with a boss encounter, although these generally play out much like the regular battles.
A two player mode is also included – the rules can be tweaked to allow various rules and handicaps.