The Violinist of Hameln

Original Title
Super Famicom
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The Violinist of Hameln is a puzzle-platformer based on the manga and anime of the same name, taking place over 32 stages.
There are always two characters that the player has to get to the exit – Hameln and Flute. Flute is AI controlled and is generally required to complete the puzzle aspects of the gameplay while Hameln dispatches enemies. Hameln is always directly controlled by the player.
Puzzles are generally a range of environmental hazards that Hameln can’t pass on his own – fire, large expanses of water (Hameln can’t swim), spikes and similar; luckily Flute has a suit for every occasion to overcome these challenges – sixteen different outfits in total. New costumes are usually found in the first stage they are required in, although some can only be bought in shops and a few others are bonuses hidden away in the game. Flutes behaviour changes depending on the suit she’s in – the robot costume turns her into slow walking wall destroyer while the curling puck outfit has her ricocheting about the level (once thrown!).
Ordinary Flute has her uses too; she becomes an unwilling step up to higher ground if jumped on and can be picked up and thrown at walls or enemies. However it is to the player’s advantage to keep her from harm, as she loses gold coins whenever she takes damage.
Progress through the game is shown on a map screen, at these interludes the player can choose to either progress or return to the safety of the local town to restore health or purchase items using gold accrued during the levels and coin-laden bonus rounds. While the map shows a path it is completely linear – all levels must be completed and can only be completed in order. There are no secret levels other than the short bonus coin collecting stages.
After the game is completed a short tutorial pops up showing two secret techniques and some other little fun tricks to try out with Flute. The player isn’t required to complete the game before using these special moves.
An English translation patch can be found here.