Tenchi Muyo! Ryououki FX

Original Title
魎皇鬼 FX
NEC Interchannel
Official Website
The first disc of Tenchi Muyo FX is a remake of a remake – originally released for the PC-98 series of computers in 1994, then ported to the PC Engine the next year before finally arriving on the PC-FX in 1996. The only major change is that all of the scenes in game are now full screen and are actual scans of the original artwork rather than pixel drawn copies, otherwise the game plays out the same as before.
The game itself is a visual novel with a significant amount of freedom to explore alternative dialogue and scenarios. There are three main routes that decide the overall story, but within that framework the player has a fair amount of leeway to choose who they speak to and when. The game keeps track of dialogue heard and scenes witnessed, in a first run through the player can expect only to uncover about 25 – 30% of the available script.
The second disc is exclusive to the PC-FX and set shortly after the events in the first. This disc takes a different approach to storytelling by having the controlled character change at the end of each chapter rather than stay looking at events just from Tenchi’s perspective. This disc has just the one route to play through, but still retains the minor dialogue/scene variations of the first disc.