Shining Force III Premium Disc

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The Saturn had more than a few fan discs – most fall into Sakura Taisen: Hanagumi Tsuushin's style of simply laying out their various media goodies for the player to sample right from the start while Grandia Digital Museum stands out as it tries to intertwine the illustration galleries and movie clips with familiar gameplay. Shining Force III Premium Disc falls somewhere between the two, offering the usual selection of FMV and artwork as well as unique interactive content.
The first option on the main menu is a gallery of all the polygonal character, NPC, and enemy models used throughout the series – every variation of every character is here, and each player character can be shown equipped with any of their weapon types. Every model comes with a full set of animations too, although spell effects are not included.
The illustration, movie, and sound test options are largely as expected, although they all come with a few bonuses. The illustrations menu includes rough sketches and unused concept art as well as promotional illustrations and character drawings, the movie gallery contains a set of TV commercials as well as all three opening FMVs, and the sound test contains every last music, jingle, and voice clip from all three games.
The final two main menu choices are a save game creator and a special battle mode. The save is compatible with Scenario 3 only and is created by asking the player a series of questions about key events from the previous two games. After these questions have been answered the player then has the option of renaming the entire cast (in English, if desired).
The special battles are a mix of familiar opponents from not only Shining Force III but the first two games as well. These are not simple recreations of previous battles but new formations in new arenas. There are nine fights in total, ranging from Bulzome’s Four Priests to Zeon and Dark Sol. Any save file from any scenario can be used to create the team that heads into battle (clear file or not), but they are designed to be fought by an end-game scenario 3 team. If you got the good ending for scenario 3 that file will give you a bonus character to use – the otherwise unplayable Jane.
The disc has never been made available for purchase, gamers could only get one (first hand) by posting tokens collected from the manuals for all three Shining Force III scenarios to Camelot. Although officially long closed, Camelot have been very accommodating to enquiries and appear to be operating under a “If we’ve got one you can have it” policy.