Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 18: Dragon Force

Original Title
SEGA AGES 2500 シリーズ Vol.18
Playstation 2
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This Playstation 2 version of Dragon Force isn’t actually an accurate port of the Saturn original but a thorough remake instead, so much so that it was the first Sega Ages release to require the DVD format rather than the usual blue-backed CDs.
One of the biggest additions are the all-new illustrations - the options menu on the title screen allows the player to choose between using either the standard Saturn event scenes or the new Playstation 2 images, with the new artwork often being quite different from the originals rather than a simple touch up/rescale job.
The other new choice the the main menu is a small selection of bonus materials; an event viewer, an item catalogue and other miscellanea. These lists are added as you come across new content in the game.
The audio has not been neglected either – the music has been arranged and the quality improved (enough to warrant a new two disc album) and voice acting, previously something exclusive to Dragon Force II, has been added to all major events.
The gameplay itself is by and large as it has always been, although the number of events has increased significantly – from 400 to over 600 – and some new characters have been added. These new elements were all handled by the original scenario writer.
While this remake continues to remain a Japanese exclusive it has now made the jump to the Playstation 3 as part of the Japanese Playstation Network’s “Playstation 2 Archives” range.