Sangokushi Taisen Ten

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Nintendo DS
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Sega’s Three Kingdoms influenced strategy game is actually a port – Sangokushi Taisen first appeared in Japanese arcades in 2005 and has been a popular title ever since even though it requires arcade operators to purchase a large and expensive dedicated setup. “Ten” is based on the third arcade Sangokushi Taisen and bar a few small changes to some of the cards it plays close enough to the original to be useful practise for the real thing.
The game revolves around cards, each one representing a general and their abilities in battle. Each card has a points cost, meaning players have to choose between balancing powerful cards with the number of units they would like to deploy. Mixing between Wu, Shu and Wei is possible, but this reduces the total number points to spend and is usually best used sparingly. The maximum number of cards you may choose is eight, and once chosen these cards may not be switched until the next match.
These cards are then placed onto the battlefield – anywhere within your territory is valid, including leaving cards hidden within your base. Some cards come with added bonuses, ranging from starting stealthed to useful barriers that can protect weaker generals or used as blockades to force the opposing player into unfavourable terrain. If a card is defeated in battle it is sent back to your base and cannot be resummoned until the cooldown timer has expired.
The object of the game is to assault the enemies base (always directly opposite and spanning the width of the battlefield) until either their energy bar is depleted or the timer runs out – at which point the side with the most energy left is the winner.
The DS version features a unique singleplayer campaign mode that has the player trying to gain control of all of China, as well as local/online multiplayer and a series of CPU challenges that present a series of increasingly difficult challenges.
The latest arcade version is currently ver. 3.59, titled “Sangokushi Taisen 3 WAR BEGINS” – if you would like a better description of the arcade game in English, Japanese, or Chinese, please visit the official site here.
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