Royal Stone

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Royal Stone is the sequel to Aliel Crystal Densetsu (AKA Crystal Warriors) and shares the same style of SRPG gameplay and elemental alignment system.
Each character and enemy in the game is assigned one of four elements – wind, fire, water and earth. The first three form a typical triangle – water beats fire, fire beats wind and wind beats water. The earth alignment can be considered neutral and has no strengths or weaknesses against the other elements. These elements also effect terrain movement too – a water aligned character will move easily across a lake but struggle across a desert. 
The game follows a linear town – battle – town path; in towns the player controls Kokotto and may wander around to chat to NPCs, save at the inn or buy new spells and equipment from the stores. At certain points in the game when Kokotto arrives at an inn she will be offered the chance to recruit a new party member (and later, monsters) – these opportunities are fixed and non-repeatable.
In battle the player takes charge of Ifa and up to eight other party members across sixteen different stages. Battles play out in phases – first all allies take their turn (the player is free to move party members in any order), then the enemy does the same. When one character attacks another the scene shifts to a battle screen; each side gets two turns here and the player may choose to attack, defend, cast magic (character dependant), use a special attack or run. Using special attacks requires that the character is equipped with a compatible weapon type – any character can equip any weapon, however each class has a particular preference and they all gain different stat improvements depending on the weapon (and armour) chosen.
In the main enemies on the map are represented by a generic “shadow” icon with unknown stats until they are appraised with the “Scan” spell, attack the player or are attacked themselves. The game uses a “permadeath” system, any character that dies in battle is lost forever, and if Ifa dies the player is sent back to the title screen.