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Romancia is one of Falcom's earlier titles and saw release on a selection of popular '80s formats (the X1, MSX, MSX2, PC-88 & PC-98) in 1986, followed by a Famicom port the year after. While largely the same as the computer original, Tokyo Shoseki took the opportunity to streamline the game and alter some of the more obtuse segments. In 1999 the game was remade for Windows under the title of Romancia ~Another Legend~. This port was created by Unbalance (hence why the game is sometimes referred to as "Romancia Unbalance").

Romancia sets itself apart from typical "save the princess" games by giving you just thirty minutes and no saves to rescue Selina – and this time is halved if you decide to spend too much time talking to the king. In spite of this more hurried approach the villagers still have quests to offer you and completing them is vital as Freddy not only has regular RPG-style stats to worry about but the incredibly important karma stat (abbreviated to "KR" in game) too. It is only by accumulating enough good karma through his actions that gamers are able to enter the later areas and finish the game.
Although time is short and clues scant Falcom did include an eight page "Hint Story" within the manual to point new users in the right direction and also emphasise the importance of building up good karma.

The MSX versions have one unique addition over the other releases – once completed (or via a secret code) you can play as princess Selina! Fan Freddy and Selina would later appear in Sorcerian's Romancia scenario, which pretty much follows the same basic plot as the full game.

English translations for both MSX versions as well as the Famicom port have surfaced in recent years, along with bugfixes and (optional) cheats. You can find the Famicom translation patch here, and the MSX translation patches here.

Although the game is not as high profile as some other Falcom titles, it did do well enough to spawn an OST (on both cassette and CD), several guidebooks and a manga.