Romance of Package

Original Title

패키지의 로망

Official Website
Romance of Package is a special 10th anniversary collection of some of Sonnori’s biggest games and a look back over the history of the company. The set is naturally a Korean exclusive.
The games included in the set are:
        • Astonishia Story (어스토니시아 스토리)
        • Darkside Story (다크사이드 스토리)
        • Forgotten Saga (포가튼 사가)
        • Steel Empire (강철제국)
        • Arcturus (악튜러스)
        • White Day (화이트데이)
        • Astonishia Story R (어스토니시아 스토리 R)

These titles cover an impressive breadth of genres, Astonishia Story, Forgotten Saga and Arcturus are RPGs, Darkside Story is an action game, Steel Empire is a strategy game and White Day diversifies the list even further as it’s a survival horror game!

Some of these titles were ported or translated elsewhere – Astonishia Story R is essentially the same as the Astonishia Story that was released in the US/EU on PSP and Arcturus received a Japanese PC release courtesy of Falcom. White Day very nearly had an official English translation but that was unfortunately dropped at the last minute.

The games themselves are identical to their original versions; the original Astonishia Story requires DOSbox to run, and four of the remaining six have patches on the official website to help with compatibility issues.
The package itself was popular enough despite the high price to receive two releases; the one shown in the photographs below it the larger first print version, the re-release was smaller with a slightly different outer box. The contents of the two are identical, bar a few minor differences (copyright notices, etc).
The “Guide Book” is actually a full set of scans of the original manuals for all the included games, the A4 sized Ad Book contains reproductions of adverts, posters, and other PR related materials. The History Book covers the business/staff side of things with interviews, box shots and various miscellanea and the final book, titled “Sonnori Goon”, is a series of gag comics and similar goofy work.
The final extra is the two disc soundtrack CD, covering every included game. I don’t believe it’s a complete archive of every piece of music on every game, but with 46 tracks and a 98 minute run time it does an excellent job of at least representing each game (bar White Day, which is relegated to a bonus sound effect track).