Ranma ½ Byakuran Aika

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Mega CD
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Byakuran Aika is a Mega CD exclusive adventure game starring the Ranma cast in an original story. The game is almost fully voiced and uses the original voice actors in all instances.
Byakuran Aika is a linear style adventure game; while the action does move from the Tendo dojo to a mysterious underground jungle (and back again) there is no player controlled choices in this, progression occurs naturally as the story moves forward. However there are many points where the player has the option to talk to various characters or examine their surroundings.
Battles occur at predetermined points and play out in a "rock-paper-scissors" kind of way. Both Ranma and his/her opponent have a choice of performing a strike, kick, or unleashing a special attack. When hit a small gauge fills up, once it passes the fifth light any attack can be powered up and will cause double damage if it hits. Opponents choices are picked randomly, the player has a split second when the attack chosen is shown before it is replaced by a generic flower icon.
As a linear game there is only one possible route through it, meaning there are no "bad ends" or choices that could result in a game over, and if a battle is lost the player is free to retry as many times as they wish. Periodically the option to view a password is available, this can then be entered from the title screen to resume play from that point.