Popful Mail

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Popful Mail is probably best known in the west for its Working Designs localisation on the Sega CD, however the game first came out on the PC-88 in 1991, and this PC-98 version is an enhanced port of the original.
Graphically there are changes across the board – the intro has been altered, the menus that make up the border of the screen have been completely redrawn with additional artwork and the whole thing has received a touch up and made use of the expanded colour palette of the PC-98.
The game plays a like a more platform-oriented Ys 3, albeit with a team of three characters that can be switched between at any time (plot allowing). Each character has different strengths and weaknesses that may be a help or hindrance depending on the situation.
Enemies are dealt with via Ys’ famous “bump” system – rather than press a button to swing a sword you simply run into them until they die. Any enemies smart enough to block can be jumped over and attacked from the rear. Bosses present a sterner challenge and often have only specific periods where it is safe to attack them.
Just to briefly touch upon the several versions of Popful Mail – the PC-88 was the original, the PC-98 version is an enhanced port of that game, the Mega CD version is an enhanced enhanced port of that (handled as part of the SegaFalcom partnership that also brought Dragon Slayer and Lord Monarch to the MD), and the Super Famicom version is quite different from all the rest and should probably be considered a “reimagining”, even though it’s by Falcom themselves.