One Down, Ten to Go!

--Warning, this post contains spoilers for a game released 24 years ago!--

I finished the PC-88 version of the first Legend of Heroes game the other day – yay! This knocks the first game off my epic quest to finish just about every version of Legend of Heroes I and II that’s ever been released.

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I approached this first one with a mixture of excitement and dread – 80’s computer RPGs aren’t really known for being forgiving or user friendly and I was expecting to get my bottom handed to me frequently and without remorse… thankfully, bar two spots where I had to do some excessive grinding to continue (going so far as to tape the enter key down and leaving the game to run for one of them), that wasn’t the case.

Dungeons were nicely balanced with rewards for explorers but relatively simply routes for people that wanted to just get from A to B and by the end of the game a whole host of helpful items and spells become available, including the ability to warp to any location you’ve already visited and an item that allows you to see a full map of the surrounding area, even in dark caves. Thanks to these touches I never felt that any challenge was unfair or that the game expected me to keep extensive notes to hand.


So I’ve come away from this old game with a smile on my face and with a real sense of respect for it too – this is an incredibly forward-thinking game, even more so when you consider the standards of the time and I’m very glad I played it through. Next up – the PC-98 version of Legend of Heroes II!

One last little thing – after the normal credits role you get a sequence of comedy scenes featuring various characters from the game, here are a few of them:

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