Mystic Ark (manual translation)

1) Character Introduction
2) There are seven characters in this game, every one of them taken away by the dark to the temple. Before the darkness turned them into Figures, they all lived in different worlds. With the exception of the main character the other six will join when an Ark is obtained during the game (the maximum party size is three people).
3) Main character (Warrior Mage): This person represents you in the game. You decide whether to be male or female before the game starts. S/he was also turned into a Figure by the darkness and imprisoned in the temple. Their key trait is their ability to use both weapons and magic, making them a well balanced character.
4) Miriene (Magician/Female/32): She may not be known for keeping the peace, but the leader of the city’s diviners has a certain mysterious charm. Although selfish on the surface, the group often relies on her powerful magic. On the one hand she’s a fire and ice magician, but growing up on the dangerous city streets made her a skilled knife user too.
5) Lux (Iron man/appears Male/Age unknown): Hailing from a tribe known as the “Iron Men” his metal body is the product of a lost civilisation. Possessing a mechanical brain capable of precise calculations and yet also he also has human emotions. When in battle his stout shield and laser weaponry make him a powerful character.

1) Starting the game, saving, and ending the game
2) Starting the game for the first time
3) Select “From the beginning”
Insert cart power on press start at the title screen etc, etc.
4) File select
Choose which file you’ll use to continue playing the game from. Use the cursor to select one of the three files available.
5) Gender select
Decide the main characters gender. Use the cursor to choose between “Male” 「男」and “Female”「女」.
6) Adding a name
Finally create a name for this character. Use the cursor to select a letter, and use the “Katakana” 「カタカナ」option to write in katakana. Select ”End”「おわり」 when you’re finished. The game opening will start.
7) Saving the game, ending the game
8) When it’s time to save
Data can be saved either in a city inn or at a save statue. Use the cursor to choose which file to save to.
9) When it’s time to end the game
When it’s time to stop, make sure you have saved the game then turn off your Super Famicom.
10) When it’s time to continue
11) To continue a save , select “Continue” 「つづきから」from the menu screen and the select the file you wish to play.
12) Deleting a file, copying a file
13) Deleting a file
If you decide it’s time to delete a file, select “Delete” 「けす」on the menu screen and then use the cursor to choose a file to erase.
14) Copying a file
If you wish to duplicate a file, select “Copy”「うつす」 and select the file you wish to copy, then the file you wish to copy to. If all three save files are in use you will need to delete a file first.

1) Game points
2) Travel the seven worlds searching for the Arks!
The ultimate goal of the game is to find the seven sprites known as Arks scattered throughout the worlds and to escape the temple back to your own world. As well as finding the Arks other characters will also join your cause. Only when you have passed through the seven worlds and the Arks are all assembled will you be able to return to your world.
3) The temple connected to the seven worlds
The temple is on a small island, connected to each of the seven worlds by a door (these passages do not necessarily resemble a door), you may travel freely between the temple and these worlds. Once one world and one Ark have been prepared, you may open the passage to the next world by obtaining a new Ark.
4) Using the power of the Arks
The skills possessed by the Arks are needed to progress through the adventure. They can be used to solve puzzles out on the field or to create special effects for weapons and armour. You will find other people like yourself who were also changed into Figures, revive them using an Ark so they can join you.
5) Feel the adventure with the “Zoom up window”!
Important puzzles that need to be solved to progress the story are highlighted using this window. To solve puzzles please listen to what the characters have to say and thoroughly investigate the “zoom up window”. While solving these puzzles you might uncover a clue about the location of an Ark.
6) A battle system with powerful visuals!
If you want to enjoy the exciting battle animations, fine-tune the auto setting before fighting. An efficient battle program will help make game progress easy and enjoyable.

1) About battles
2) When in dungeons and similar places the radar will be displayed on the top left corner of the screen. This map displays enemies wandering around nearby, with the player being the dot in the center. You will enter battle if your dot and an enemies cross over each other.
3) Understanding the battle screen
①Main character
②Main character’s HP & MP
③Party member
④Party member’s HP & MP
⑤Attacking monster
⑥Command window
4) Reading the HP meter
The HP meter is displayed in screen whenever you or your enemies receive damage. This meter represents the total amount of HP the character has. The numbers that appear represent the amount of damage received.
5) Commands in battle
When you enter battle enemy monsters appear in front of you. First, decide which character takes action by moving the cursor to select them. The battle command window will then appear on screen.
①Fight 「たたかう」
⑤Auto settings「オートせってい」
6) Fight
Use the “Strike”「たたく」and “Cut”「きる」commands to attack with the characters equipped weapon. Use the “Run”「にげる」command to try and escape from battle, however this might not always work. In addition, if any characters have learned a special attack 「特殊攻撃」you will be able to select that command in battle.
7) Tools
Just as you would on the field, select this command to use an item you are carrying. Not all items can be used in battle.
8) Magic
Select this command to use magic. As MP is consumed when you cast a spell, magic cannot be cast if there isn’t enough MP.
9) Status
This is the same screen as shown on pg.19 of the manual
10) Auto settings
You can change auto battle settings during battle as well as out on the field. You can also change your party member’s battle program too.