My Top Eight PC Engine Games (terms and conditions apply)


This is the final part in my trilogy-for-the-ages of top ten 16bit games, you can have a look at my Mega Drive list here and my SNES list here if you like. You might be wondering why this list is two games short; it’s just because I shamefully haven’t invested as much time and money in the PC Engine as I’d like and I didn’t want to list games for the sake of making up the numbers. My own rules also prevent me from listing a few games I would have wanted on there too – Image Fight and Laplace no Ma would have rounded off this list if I didn’t have to stick to original PCE games. Buying more is simply a case of “when” rather than “if” though, so once I’ve got my paws on a few more games I’ll revisit this and get it done properly.

Actually – if anyone wants to suggest games that I should play (that’d fit in with the rest of the list) please do!

As with the other two I’m abiding by a set of three rules:

  1. The game must be an original PC Engine game. It doesn’t matter where it ended up, but it must have started life on the PC Engine.
  2. Only games I’ve owned are eligible. It’s very easy to gush over legendary £200+ rarities you can only dream of having but I’d feel a bit insincere doing so.
  3. Nothing really obvious! Informing the internet you think Chi no Rondo is a great Castlevania game isn’t exactly enlightening, is it?

Just like the others this list is ordered alphabetically, there’s no best best game or anything silly like that.

3x3 Eyes Sanjiyan Henjou

This is a 3x3 Eyes visual novel that features, but doesn’t star, Pai and Yakumo. Incredibly impressive animation and a bit of freeform design later on mean this is one that’s worth replaying as a game, not just as a story.


Bomberman ‘94

I was in two minds about including this because the Mega Drive port is quite well known but the superior five player battles (and dinky HuCard!) make this particular version a must for any PC Engine owner in my eyes.


Galaxy Fraulein Yuna

Another visual novel, this time featuring Japanese girl/intergalactic singer and heroine Yuna. With that sort of premise it naturally leans more towards the lighter side of things, and that’s why I love it!



I feel sort of bad putting this on here, because the game is very clearly unfinished, more so than any other I’ve ever played. But the intrigue presented by the game itself and by the unfinished areas means it’s stuck in my mind more than a lot of other games, and I can’t help but wonder what it could have become.


Patlabor: Chapter of Griffon

I’m a huge Patlabor fan, so this simply had to go on the list. Not only is it a good visual novel but they go above and beyond when it comes to extras – mini games, interviews, Labor information with special voice overs by the original cast… it’s all here!


Summer Carnival ‘93: Nexzr Special

While this disc no longer has the benefit of being the affordable version of Nexzr it’s still a fantastic shmup that does a brilliant job of feeling “old school” without destroying anyone who doesn’t wish to dedicate their life to mastering it.


Super Star Soldier

My first experience of the series and probably still my favourite. Beautiful graphics with a lot of variety between the stages and a good solid shmup too!


Travel Epule

I bought this one based entirely on the cover, which shows a boy and a girl dressed up in penguin costumes – how could anyone resist that?! Turns out it’s a very good arcade-style arena battler with incredibly cute graphics, brilliant! It also has a two player mode if you wish to hurl grenades or batter a human opponent for a while :)


If I pinched an image it came from GameFAQs, apart from the two Bomberman ‘94 gameplay screenshots (Edge) and the Super Star Soldier screenshots (SHMUPS!).