Mr Driller 2

Original Title
Namco System 10
Product Development Group #2
Official Website
Mr Driller 2 was first released into arcades in 2000 and then ported to the GBA and PC in 2001 and 2002 respectively.
This sequel has two distinctive features over the original, the mosst obvious being the competitive two player mode. This mode pits Susumu against newcomer Anna in a drilling survivathon. While neither character can interact directly with the other they can effect the other characters playfield by picking up special items – these can flip and rotate surrounding blocks or replace random regular blocks with new star blocks that disappear of their own accord. Collecting multiples of the same item increases its level, which in turn increases the severity of the effect in question. To compensate for the reduced screen area in this mode all sprites are reduced to half size, meaning in practise each player has exactly as much room as they do in standard single player Mr Driller.
Single player mode is still present and pretty much the same as before – the player selects from either 500m (easy), 1000m (normal) or 2000m (difficult) depths and tries to get to the bottom without being squashed or suffocating. The 2000m stage uses the smaller sprites from the two player mode to double the amount of play area available.
If the game is played with the default DIP settings a password is displayed at the end of a stage that allows the user to transfer their score over to the official website. Sadly this feature is no longer functional.
I'm sorry about the lack of screenshots for this one, the arcade version isn't emulated and I lack the means to screengrab from my TV. The screenshots below are all from the PC version of the game, and are nigh-on identical to the arcade original.