Mobile Suit Gundam Vol. 1: Side 7

Original Title
ガンダム Vol.1 –SIDE7-
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Side 7 is the first of a trilogy of Gundam adventure games fro the Wonderswan Color, designed to give fans the chance to play as Amuro through the original Gundam 0079 storyline.
The game is split into twelve chapters, with each one being a mix of adventure game and Gundam battles. The adventure parts offer minimal interaction, just the occasional “What does Amuro do next?” question here and there. Theses choices do have some effect on immediate events though, with the game tracking exactly how many possible alternative and additional scenes have been witnessed as the player progresses through the game. For the impatient gamer the adventure sections can be largely skipped with a few button presses – it still stop whenever the player needs to make a choice but otherwise it will skip ahead as far as possible.
Battles are generally viewed as if looking at the radar inside the Gundam – the player is always the center dot and has to move around the map to find enemy suits or other mission objectives. The three rings on the radar represent ranges – close range enemies are better dispatched with the beam saber while it’s more sensible to use a rifle or bazooka on long range targets. If attacked the player can choose to counterattack or defend, again the range and type of attack effects the outcome of the battle. Energy consumption is very important – going out all guns blazing will cause the Gundam to overheat and become a sitting target for a few seconds while the energy meter recharges. If the player is finding their energy low they don’t necessarily have to wait to attack - it’s possible from time to time to call in attacks from friendly units out on the field, depending on the scenario.
After the game has been completed a new option opens up on the title screen allowing the player to use a WonderGate (a device that connected the WonderSwan to a Japanese mobile phone) to download new parts to use in this “New Game+” mode. Vol. 2 can actually detect if Vol.1 has been cleared and will offer stat bonuses on starting a new game for these players.