Memories Off Festa

Original Title
メモリーズオフ フェスタ
KID/Kaga Tech
Official Website
Although Festa appears to be Memories Off styled mahjong the game played is actually ponjan, which is a somewhat simplified mahjong alternative designed primarily for children.
There are two modes of play, both single player only – story mode and free battle mode. Story mode starts with you picking one of five girls to play as and then working your way through five ponjan battles while hopefully winning the “Miss Contest” along the way. The story carries on whether you win or lose your matches and unlike the visual novel series it’s based on the story is short and offers no branching paths.
Free battle mode is as expected – you pick a character and then an opponent (all differences are purely cosmetic) and play some ponjan.
The game comes with an extensive set of rules that can be brought up either during a match or from the title screen, including a visual representation of possible matches for non-Japanese readers that want to play.
The game has a few unlockables – if you successfully win your matches you unlock a cosplay card of your chosen character that can be viewed in an omake menu that appears on the main select screen. Completing the game with all five characters unlocks a sixth that can be used in both story and battle modes.
Although the game uses established Memories Off characters it doesn’t try to place itself at any particular point in the series and is considered non-canon. All copies of the game come with a special sticker sheet to decorate your WonderSwan with.

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