Cave Noire (manual translation)


1) Story
You have come to the northern village Karuzu. As this village is surrounded by four dungeons many apprentice adventurers like yourself come here to improve their skill (level), there’s talk of the underground labyrinth (dungeon) being challenged day and night.
The leader of the adventurers guild said “You should train in the dungeon if you want to become a full-fledged adventurer. You appear to have some basic equipment, although the quest (objective) will be impossible to achieve with those alone. You should go get some items from the master of the forest. If you enter the dungeon, nobody will come to help. You need to be careful.”
Experience things as a true adventurer and do your best. Good luck.

1) Object of the game
The goal of the game is to challenge the four dungeons surrounding Karuzu village and earn yourself the title of “Adventurer”. Each of the four dungeons has a specific quest (objective). the quest levels go from  1-9, then Master. To receive the title of “Adventurer” all four quests must be at least level 6.
2) Quest 1: Monster quest.
Defeat the number of monster required, determined by the level
Quest 2: Gold quest.
Collect the amount of gold required, determined by the level.
Quest 3: Orb quest.
Collect the number of orbs required, determined by the level. Orbs are hidden in chests throughout the dungeon.
Quest 4: Fairy quest.
Release the required amount of imprisoned fairies, determined by the level. The fairies are locked in cages, the keys for these cages are found in the dungeon.
3) How to control
4) A button
(Dungeon) Confirm, show item screen
5) B button:
(Dungeon) Cancel, turn cancel (pass).
6) Start button
(Game start) Used to begin the game.
(Dungeon) Goes to the camp screen
7) Select button
(Dungeon) Displays monster HP

1) Actions available in a turn
In one turn the player may do one of the below actions.
2) Move
Use the dpad to move. To go to a lower floor stand on top of the stairs, if it’s time to use a warp door stand on top of the door and press the A button.
3) Battle
When a monster is bumped into a square cursor is displayed over that monster. Pushing the A button will attack and then the damage dealt to the monster will be displayed. If the attack deals more damage than the monster’s HP, the monster is defeated. If the attack deals less damage than the monster’s HP, the player will be attacked next.
4) Treasure chest
Coming into contact with a treasure chest will bring up a square cursor over the chest. Pressing the A button will open the chest and the item will appear.
5) Pick up
Gold, items, etc can be picked up with the A button.
6) Pass
Pressing the B button will skip your turn.
7) Using items
Pressing the A button anywhere other than stairs, warp doors, etc will bring up the item screen.
8) Use 「つかう」
Use an item. Use the dpad to select the item, and the A button to confirm. If the item is used on yourself the result is displayed immediately. For monsters and ground effects a square cursor will appear in the dungeon, use the dpad to move and the A button to confirm.
9) Discard 「すてる」
Discard an item. Use the dpad to select an item and press the A button to discard it where you stand. However if you are already standing on an item you cannot discard another. Discarded items can be picked up again.
10) Quit 「やめる」
Return to the dungeon. Pressing the B button will do the same thing.

1) Fly 「とぶ」
Move instantly within a room.
2) Change 「チェンジ」
Change a monster in the room into another monster.
3) Attack 「こうげき」
Attack power is boosted for a number of turns, corresponding to the level.
4) Defence 「まもり」
Defence power is boosted for a number of turns, corresponding to the level.
5) Transparent 「とうめい」
Become transparent for a number of turns, corresponding to the level. While transparent you can’t attack or open treasure chests.
6) Attack, defence and transparent can’t be used at the same time.
7) Lucky 「ラッキ」
Luck increases by 1 (This doesn’t appear as an inventory item).
8) Descend 「おりる」
Stairs leading down are created in an empty space next to your character.
9) Light 「あかり」
The dark fog is cleared away by the light.
10) Fire 「ファイヤー」
Damage one monster in the room.
11) Rock 「がんせき」
Becomes solid ground if placed on a hole or on lava, if placed on the ground it becomes an impassable barrier.
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