Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru

Original Title
Game Boy
Team Shikamaru
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Kaeru no Tame ni… is an adventure game developed in-house at Nintendo exclusively the the original Game Boy. The game features you playing as the Prince of Sable (who as far as I have researched has no official name) off to rescue Princess Tiramasu in the hopes of finally getting one on your lifelong rival Prince Richard (yep, the same Richard that later makes a cameo appearance in Link’s Awakening).
Throughout the game you will find or be given various items that enhance your abilities and allow you to access new areas – the most distinctive of which is a curse put upon you that turns you into a frog whenever you touch water. Luckily this is not without its uses, while you can no longer talk to humans you gain a much improved jump and will be ignored by human guards that would happily beat your human self to a pulp. Further into the game you are also able to turn into a snake, allowing you to crawl through small gaps and turn certain enemies into useful blocks.
The game is divided into two playstyles; the world is viewed from a standard overhead point of view while dungeons and other underground exploration areas have a side on view. Dungeon puzzles are generally based more upon platforming and reaction based puzzles over traditional Zelda-style “find the key” gameplay. Battles are all automated (bar the very last part of the last boss) with fixed damage being dealt based on your stats and equipment. The only direct influence you can have during battles is to try to run or use an item. Stat gains occur only through finding powerups, there is no traditional RPG levelling system.
The game is widely considered to have had an influence on the later Link’s Awakening. It certainly seems to be true, however they don’t appear to share any staff apart from music composer Kazumi Tokata.