Impatiently Waiting For… Toukiden

There’s not a lot of info out there at the moment, but Omega Force’s (Dynasty Warriors, etc) PSP/Vita demon slaying game has definitely caught my eye!


From what I can gather, the player character (male or female – yay!) picks from one of four weapons – daikatana, bow, knuckles or kusarigama (AKA: chain-sickle thingy) and goes out to kick the backsides of distinctly Japan-flavoured demons. Even better, up to three other friends can join in the fray too – and they can do it on a mix of PSPs and Vitas!

I’m getting a strong Phantasy Star Online/Monster Hunter sort of vibe off this one, which is no bad thing in my book! The only release date given so far is “2013” with a demo out in April, here’s hoping I don’t have to wait too long.

Official website here!