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Gu Jian Qi Tan is the first release from Aurogon, a developer based in Shanghai founded by several ex-Softstar employees. This game follows in the style of Softstar’s flagship series, Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan, by being a single player RPG with a strong Chinese flavour and a heavy emphasis on the plot.
There are six playable characters in total, with the lead being a cursed young man by the name of Baili Tusu. Other party members include the likes of a half-human fox spirit and a man haunted by the wrongdoings of a previous life. Over the course of the game the holes in Tusu's past are filled in and the relationships within the party deepen.
The battle system is turn based, with a maximum of three of your six active at a time. Party members can be switched out at the cost of a turn, or when a character has fallen in battle. A bar across the top of the screen shows the turn order for everyone in battle and various skills and spells can effect that order.
All attacks and magic cost points to use, up to a maximum of five per turn. Regular attacks, skills, and magic may be combined into a single turn provided the point cost does not exceed the characters current limit. Naturally, more powerful techniques require more points to use.
Magic is acquired through spending points on a characters star chart. These charts are unique to each character, and while they all have particular specialities and natural affinities any character can be imbued with any element. Elements also alter and enhance a characters statistics too. There is a consumable item that allows you to "respec" a character should you wish to try a different build.
Despite following classic Chinese game design closely, the developers bought something relatively unique to the table too – Gu Jian features both achievements and a mixture of paid for and free DLC, ranging from simple alternative costumes to full voice acting and extra stories fleshing out life for individual characters both before and after the events of the game.
A Gu Jian MMO is currently in production, and there has been news of a single player sequel in the works.
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