Got to Move! (Millenium Girl/MilkCan)

Original Title
GOT TO MOVE! (Millennium Girl) / MilkCan
21st April 1999
3x7 inches
This mini CD single was the first of three music releases for Um Jammer Lammy, all of which came in 1999, roughly a year after the game.
This first one contains title track “Got to Move! (Millenium Girl)” and Power Off! Power On!. Got to Move! is the Lammy/Parappa “duet” version and is identical to both the version in game and found on the other albums.
The slim packaging also includes a set of Milk Can stickers and the lyrics of both songs are printed on the inside of the front cover. Performances are credited to Milk Can members (Guitar: Lammy, Bass & Vocals: Kitty, etc) rather than their real-world counterparts.