Genso Suikoden III 108 Stars Character Guide

Original Title
幻想水滸伝III 108星
30th Oct 2004
7 x 10 inches
Coming in at 263 pages, this character guide uses it’s space to go over not only basic character information but also key scenes and other important factual information too.
The first chapter opens with two timelines – the first is a general timeline covering several centuries of Suikoden history, the second is a much more straightforward table listing the birthdays (of characters that have one) in order from oldest to youngest, along with the exact year and their age during the events of the game. There’s also some information on the twenty seven True Runes, a map showing which areas are under Zexen, Grasslands and Harmonia control and finally a comprehensive set of character relationship charts that map out exactly how characters are related to people from all of the first three Suikoden games.
This data is then followed by thirty pages of promotional artwork and location illustrations. The promotional artwork has been culled form a wide range of places – some of it was used online during the countdown to the game’s release, other pieces are one-off convention pieces, magazine spreads or images used in the Suikoden Card Stories trading card game.
The next section is a series of annotated rough sketches and unused characters designs as well as 3D polygonal models. The sketches include a brief look at some outright rejected characters too.
Chapter three makes up the bulk of the book – this is a detailed look at each of the 108 stars in alphabetical order with a short biography and information on their weaponry and allegiances. For more important characters there will also a synopsis of significant scenes and a short Q&A section.
The book closes with a glossary covering events, runes, recipes and other terminology referenced in the book.