Fortune Summoners ~Arche no Seireiseki~ Deluxe

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Originally a doujin title, this commercial release sees the addition of new gameplay modes complete with online ranking, additional voice acting, and some gameplay tweaks.
This sidescrolling ARPG has you controlling a team of three unique characters that you can switch between at will (the AI will take over the other two). Arche is the "brawler" of the team; lacking in magical talent but more than happy to dodge-roll an enemy and then jump kick them in the head.  Sana specialises in healing and defensive magic and it usually best kept away from direct harm, and finally Stella uses offensive fire based spells. In addition to simply knocking the stuffing out of your enemies spells can also be used to overcome environmental hazards – Sana can envelop the group in individual bubbles so they can breathe underwater, and Stella's fire can burn away vines blocking their path. Arche's strength makes her the official group block pusher, useful for overcoming the games puzzle based elements.
The game offers a lot of flexibility - there are several difficulty levels (which you can also alter mid-game if you wish) and you can tell the AI exactly which spells and attacks to use (or not) and set preferences that keep those expensive spells from being used carelessly without removing them from the list altogether. What's especially impressive is that all programming, design and pixel art were done by one person.
A playable demo can be found here.