Fantasia Sango 4 Wai Zhuan

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This expansion is the final entry in Userjoy’s Fantasia Sango series and from the looks of their release schedules it also appears to be the final single player offline RPG from them as well. Although this is technically an expansion for vanilla Fantasia Sango 4 it actually offers the entire standard quest with some minor upgraded visuals as well as the opportunity to play through the game from the point of view of Lou Che, the other main character in the original game. Selecting his story allows you to see additional cutscenes as well as recruit different party members. It has been speculated that Fantasia Sango 4 Wai Zhuan is really what the original FS4 would have been if they had given it more development time, due to the appearance of Wai Zhuan exclusive items in FS4’s code.
The game itself is based loosely around the  “Three Kingdoms” period of Chinese history and famous faces such as Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang, as well as locations like Chang An, make an appearance. The game has several dialogue choices peppered throughout the plot and while they have no immediate bearing on the story they do all effect the ending you receive.
Battles are conducted using a real time bar system (much like Final Fantasy’s ATB gauge), which is enhanced with a multitude of formations, pet allies, and a combo system that gives a boost to attack power if you can time consecutive attacks from your team members. Battles are usually fought against 3 – 5 enemies, however there are many event battles that see you fighting about sixteen enemies at once. New spells and skills are learnt and improved through a skill tree outside of battle, giving you some customisation for your characters.
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