Fantasia Sango 2

Original Title
幻想三國誌 2
Userjoy Technology
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Second entry in Userjoy’s Sanguo-flavoured RPG series, which was later translated into Japanese by Falcom and released as “Genso Sangokushi 2”. The game has some small ties to the first installment, but the main cast and plot are unique to this game and no knowledge of either the Three Kingdoms period or the first game are expected or required.
As with other games in the series you are regularly given dialogue choices that give both an immediate reaction from those around you and also effect the ending you receive. The ending you get is based off of a cumulative points system awarded by the responses you give meaning your behaviour throughout the entire game matters, not just a small handful of choices at key points.
Battles range from the regular small skirmishes to full-on troops, although the commands you receive in both are the same. Formations also play a key role in battle and you are allowed to switch between them as you please. Characters are given points to spend learning new talents or strengthening old ones when they level up, giving some degree of customisation.
Should you find yourself stuck on a particular battle there is the option to change the difficulty level on the fly (your may also make the game harder if you wish). Making the game easier limits certain elements such as pet skill trees and item enhancement, but it does mean you have less to worry about.
There was an official guidebook release for this that also included a material disc; the disc contained some wallpapers and official artwork, as well as a movie viewer and a few little extras to use in the game itself.
As a personal aside – I was attempting to translate this game myself, however as I’m no hacker I lack the skills to insert a useful font (the English font already in game is much too large for textboxes). If anyone out there has a serious interest in doing that for me please get in touch.
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