Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes

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This game is the first entry in the long running Legend of Heroes (Eiyuu Densetsu) series and this particular version was the first to see release, coming out on the 10th of December, 1989. MSX, PC-98 and FM Towns versions appeared the year after (All handled directly by Falcom), and the game saw numerous other ports by third parties for almost a decade, ending with the Saturn/Playstation Legend of Heroes I and II double pack release in 1998.
The game is split into chapters, each one acting as a self-contained story in an overarching plot. Outside of a few plot-related restrictions there’s nothing to stop the player revisiting earlier areas once they’ve outlived their usefulness, even though it’s not required or necessary.
Battles occur when the player character touches an enemy, although without a special item they are invisible on the world map giving the false impression that battles are triggered randomly. Enemies are usually visible in caves, castles and similar interior areas. Battle commands can either be input manually or handled by a customisable auto battle setting that can be interrupted at any time.
Spells are taught by particular NPCs rather than learnt through levelling and each NPC has a different pool of spells to choose from. It’s important to choose spells carefully as characters can only “respec” if they return to the NPC that can teach the spells they want to use. Another unique quality is that status effect spells are highly effective and dangerous; a poisoned character will die in a few turns if they aren’t cured (regardless of their HP level) and silence has a 100% success rate on everyone in battle, including bosses.
The game’s only ties to other games in the Legend of Heroes series is to Legend of Heroes II, which is a direct sequel starring the son of the first games main character.