Dinosaur ~Resurrection~

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Dinosaur Resurrection is a remake of Falcom’s 1990 PC-88/PC-98/FM Towns dungeon crawler Dinosaur and sticks very closely to the original in just about every way. There are a few concessions to modernity however, as not only does Resurrection use 3D graphics for the environment (as opposed to the old flick-effect 2D tiles of the original) but it also includes an automap that can be called upon at any time.
The game is described by Falcom as a “serious” RPG and it is certainly has a far more melancholy feel than their other major works; dungeons are dank and dark places littered with corpses and lost souls, and the characters all have their own personal tragedies and inner demons to face.
Something that is sadly still rather unique to this game is the “Ura” mode – an additional alternative storyline with its own cast of characters (some of whom you meet in the standard game) and some deviations to the tasks and events within the dungeons.
While the game is presented in a similar manner to Western dungeon crawlers (Wizardry, Dungeon Master, etc) it differentiates itself by focussing on the characters and plot over dungeon puzzles and battle mechanics. Battles in Dinosaur are generally quick affairs – this is partly due to the tight leash the game has over your party, as both the members and their roles are set and cannot be changed, meaning that the area you are compelled to visit will always have been designed with your current party in mind.
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