Code Age Commanders

Original Title
~継ぐ者 継
Playstation 2
Official Website
Code Age Commanders is one third of Square-Enix's "New Brand Concept 'Code Age' ", the other two parts being a three part manga called Code Age Archives, and the mobile phone game Code Age Brawls. Together, these three tell the story of humanity's hope for a reborn world while they wait aboard the Ark.

Of course this doesn't go to plan and Gene, the initial playable character (one of four) wakes up to find himself in the middle of a war, the Ark destroyed, and as a Warhead - a human fused with Otero genes who has the ability to absorb Code from fallen enemies. The story is told through copious amounts of cutscenes and flashbacks, and the full scale of the plot is only revealed after witnessing events from all four characters perspectives.

The game plays out like an action game, with directives generally being to either locate something/someone or defeat a particular adversary. Left and right arms are controlled separately but can be combo'd together. Each arm has a gauge that depletes with use but replenishes when not attacking or blocking, making it better to attack conservatively else running the risk of leaving you without any means to defend yourself. "Heroic Actions" are special attacks that cost two chunks of the arm gauge but, if timed correctly, can be incredibly powerful. Using these special attacks will over time evolve the character's arms into more powerful weapons.

After each stage is completed a score is given; the better the score, the more CP awarded. CP is spent on Extensions – enhancements to the body or arms the grant differing effects. Some can increase attack speed or shot power, while others offer a "last gasp" HP refill or a decreased chance of being stunned by enemy attacks. Extensions can be altered at the beginning of each stage – a maximum of three on the body and one for each arm.

While out on the field the player can see small Otero wandering about – there are many different types, all of which will offer different single-use attacks or enhancements when absorbed. Any Otero absorbed are automatically recorded in the Otero encyclopaedia, an later on can be used in the minigame "Oteroon".