Boku no Natsuyasumi (manual translation)

1) How to spend your summer holiday
2) On your summer holiday you are free to do whatever you please. For now, explore inside the village.
3) Push the X button to run!
4) Push the X button and Boku will run (X button on its own is OK). To start with, get used to running around.
5) Turning while running!
6) Pressing left or right on the d-pad will make Boku move in that direction. It’s OK to make small adjustments.
7) Investigate things with the O button!
8) Press the O button to examine things in front or to talk to people. Anytime you like, press the O button.
1) Synopsis
2) 1975, summer. In his third year of elementary school, Boku spent his one month summer holiday at his uncle’s house. His uncle’s house in the village is full of things city-bred Boku has never seen before. Now then, what kind of summer holiday will he have?
3) Fishing point/Beetle tree
1) Main characters
2) Members of the Sorano family (from the left):
Uncle (Sorano Yuusaku): A potter who moved out of the city. He has dextrous hands and loves to work.
3) Auntie (Sorano Kaori): Boku’s dad’s sister. When she was younger she was a camera man’s assistant in the city.
4) Cousin (Sorano Moe): In her third year of junior high, preparing for the senior school entrance exam. Practising the clarinet.
5) Cousin (Sorano Shirabe): A precocious girl in her second year of elementary school. Hates being called a little girl.
6) Boku: In his third year of elementary school and brimming with curiousity. A boy born and bred in the city.
7) Saori: College student. Specialises in natural science.
1) Beginning your summer holiday
2) Start from the beginning
Continue from midway
Summer memories
3) Illustrated diary (Save)
4) Late at night (10pm) Boku will become sleepy and write in his picture diary. Also at any time after eating dinner Boku can write in his diary and go to bed. To go to sleep, pull the cord on his desk lamp. The picture diary can be looked at any time by checking the desk.
5) Operating Instructions
6) Start button: Settings menu
7) D-pad:
Up: Walk
Down: Move backwards
Left: Turn left
Right: Turn right
8) /\ & [] buttons: Sub screen
9) O button: Talk/examine/use
10) X button: Run/cancel
1) Sub screen
2) Calendar: Passed days are marked with an X
Map: A red circle shows your current location
Possessions: Look at Boku’s current possessions.
Insect net: Hold the insect net.
Empty hand: When you want to put the insect net away, use this.
3) Insect cage: Any insects caught so far go here. Use the d-pad to move around. Press the O button to take the insect out of the cage and release it.
4) Fishing tackle: Items used for fishing go here. You can select lures and look at any fish caught so far.
5) Kite flying: Select a kite to fly.

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