Bahamut Senki

Original Title
Mega Drive
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(Japanese VC)
Bahamut Senki is a fantasy themed strategy game developed and released by Sega for the Mega Drive in Japan. Even though the game was a one off Sega took the time to develop a lot of lore for it, the stories behind the conflicts and kingdoms setting up the game and the rivalries between the factions.
The game has a lot of options that allow you to tailor it to suit your mood – you can even choose to play the action and hex battle segments independently of the main game, which both come with further options of their own (including the ability to play these sections against a friend if you wish).
The main game offers four scenarios, but the goal is the same in each – conquer your enemies! Some will have your fighting a single empire, and others will have you battling and befriending factions all around you. This is split into two phases – the first phase allows you to check on your units and other general stats, as well as request or give help to allied forces. The second phase is the main phases where you move units around to strengthen your territories, attack neighbouring locations and summon more units (summoned units cannot be used the same turn they appear).

Once you get into battle things change yet again; sometimes you will have a one-on-one duel (played out in realtime like an action game), but most of the time you will see both side lined up on opposite sides of the screen while you dish out orders. Your units aren’t just lined up for easy reading – their placement needs to be considered as all troops have different ranges depending on what kind of unit they are. Mages are weak but can attack enemies that aren’t directly in front of them, so it’s a good idea to place a berserker ahead of them so protect them from physical attacks while they whittle down the HP with spells.
An official guidebook was released to accompany the game, I’ve provided a photo - here