Azel - Panzer Dragoon RPG -

Original Title
Sega Saturn
Team Andromeda
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This music CD set is rather unique as it also includes a playable demo of the game with some pretty noteworthy differences to the retail version even though this was released only a month earlier.
The music CD contains just eighteen tracks, a great deal less than the “Complete” album (57) or the “Memorial” album (59). However the music appears to have been chosen with some care and still includes basic staples such as the main theme, vocal track and a selection of battle and cutscene music. This part of the album also had a bootleg release, so do beware if you see this album for sale without the game demo, if you need help I wrote a small guide on how to spot bootlegs here.
The demo takes places entirely within a truncated version of the excavation site area of the game, from the point where you first fly out onto the dragon and ending with the boss battle where Edge saves Gash. This playable portion is bookended by some demo-exclusive text and FMV, making it out to be something of a reminiscence by the campfire for the two outcasts.
The most immediate difference to play are the controls, which in addition to being laid out completely differently are lacking certain features too, such as the ability to alter altitude or view the map. The general angle the game is viewed at is also changed, and is more restrictive than the final field of view. Enemy battles play out as they do in the final game although attacks cause a red border to appear on screen rather than the black one used in the game. One change to the benefit of the player is that they have the ability to morph dragon forms even though the ability isn’t unlocked until later on in the final game.