A Little Look At… Touhou Kontonfu

So a week or two ago I was browsing Amiami and came across the official Touhou TCG (and a mountain of card sleeves and other merchandise). Curiousity well and truly piqued, I ordered the 2.00 starter deck and started to do a bit of digging to try and figure out what the heck I’d just gotten myself into.
Turns out it’s a two player versus card game that uses the ChaOS system. This is designed as a universal play system which means I could take my Marisa deck and instead of fretting about finding another Touhou player (my chances at this are already rather slim, and I bred my own little player 2 already!) I can match her up against a Little Busters, Queens Blade, Steins;Gate or Strike Witches (and more) player and still have totally compatible cards. The object of the game is to completely deplete your opponents deck – cards have individual HP but as far as winning or losing the match goes it’s decided only on your ability to draw cards, if you can’t, you lose!
Cards are divided into three basic types – chara, event, and set. Chara cards are your basic essential card used for both attack and defense, event cards are one-off abilities and set cards work like equipment for charas. Explaining the full rules is rather beyond my mediocre abilities but thankfully using Google isn’t, which is why the following links will lead you to English translations for both the ChaOS system and the v1.00 Touhou card set – enjoy!
ChaOS system English translation here.
Touhou card English translation here.
Official ChaOS website here (Japanese language).
Official Touhou Kontonfu website card list here (Japanese language).
That last one might not sound so useful but it has all the information for every card written out in full, meaning you’re never more than a Google translate away from a rough translation of any card available.