Little Oddities…Soul Edge PCB

A while ago I bought a Soul Edge PCB – it’s one of my favourite games and I have a lot of nostalgia for it so when I found one for sale I just had to have it. Got it home and plugged it in… and I breathed a sigh of relief as it booted up, I imagine anyone who’s ever owned an arcade game has done that same sigh. But there was one minor problem…


…it only raised its head once I started to play – nobody could block! The reason was actually quite simple, Namco’s System 11 boards have an extra edge in addition to the standard JAMMA one, and they’d stuck the block buttons over there (they did the same with Tekken 3 on System 12, and I’m guessing Tekken 1 and 2 have a similar quirk). This isn’t a problem for most people – the supplied “kick harness” is meant to pop onto that extra bit and then you wire those up to your arcade cabinet’s buttons… but as a supergun owner this wasn’t an option (not a practical one, anyway), so I got my trusty soldering iron out and with a complete disregard for Namco’s safety warnings I went and wired those buttons (A8 and A20 solder side on the extended edge) onto the otherwise unused button 4 pins on the regular JAMMA edge (pin 25 parts side and pin c solder side) – easy peasy, job done.

As you can see my soldering isn’t the best, but it does work!


It’s worth pointing out that even though Namco say they put kick and not guard on the extended edge I’m not crazy, they’re wrong (and I did double check just now to make sure).


Has anyone else done any tinkering like this (arcade or otherwise)? I love hearing about this sort of thing, so please share you stories!