Progress Report! Legend of Heroes (PC-88)

I’ve just hit my first disc change so I thought now would be a good time to jot down a few thoughts and let people know how I’m doing.


The good news – I’m really enjoying myself! It was a bit grindy at the start (there’s even a fourth wall breaking moment where you’re outright told to go hit level 8), but that seems to have evened off and it’s been a while since I’ve had to just sit and hit things for the sake of it. One other thing I really like is that status effect spells are both a real threat and also actually worth casting; silence is a battle-wide effect that is guaranteed to hit everyone (even bosses!) and can be a real life saver if used in the right spot…or it can swiftly get everyone killed if you forgot to buy healing items. Poison works a little differently to the norm too – enemies and allies if left untreated will eventually succumb to the effect regardless of their current HP. My initial reaction to being poisoned was “Ooh, so this is going to knock off 20HP for a few rounds? Scary!”… but what actually happened is a few turns later everyone had dropped dead. *sigh* Lesson learned!


Which really brings me onto something else I like – when you die (which you will) you get the Legend of Heroes equivalent of “Abort, Retry, Fail?” – you can return to the last village you visited (with any earned XP, gold and items intact), retry the battle or return to the title screen. What’s especially thoughtful is that you’re returned to battle exactly as you were in your first attempt (items and all) and for bosses you’re placed just a short way away so you can heal, reequip or even grind regular mobs in the vicinity for a while before having another go.

So my impressions so far are that this is an incredibly old game (about twenty four years old at this point!) that actually has some really progressive ideas in it, so much so that I’d like to see some of them in modern RPGs. I’m also very happy to say that I’m still looking forward to my challenge rather than wondering if I can wheedle my way out of it!