Impatiently Waiting For… Ghost Blade

The Dreamcast is simply the console that will not die. I remember buying two copies of Ikaruga in 2002 for the little white box of joy and wondering if this would finally be the last release… and yet here I am eleven years later and I’m still looking at preorder pages for new Dreamcast games!


Ghost Blade is Hucast Games homage to Hudson’s classic Soldier series (the main games being Star Soldier, Super Star Soldier, Final Soldier and Soldier Blade for the unfamiliar) and like those excellent games Ghost Blade with have both a full five stage mode as well as my beloved two and five minute “Caravan” (score attack) modes.


Other details are rather hard to come by at the moment, but while you wait you can check out their fabulous concept art on the official blog, pester them on Twitter, or drool over the online store. If you want the collectors edition you’ll have to be quick though – stock is limited to just 300 copies and at the time of writing there are only 86 left! I’ve got my order in, is anyone else excited for this game?