Declaration of Intent Re: Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes

So, it’s February already and I have a backlog of over 500 games to get through, assuming I don’t buy any more (hint: I will). Some sensible folk might decide to plan ahead and ready a pile of games for The Completening, but as I tend to change formats and genres more often than even really clean people change their socks the idea has never managed to even get me as far as looking at my bookcases…. UNTIL NOW.
While looking over the wonderful contents of my PC-98 Legend of Heroes II box as I was scanning the cover for my Tumblr (like all cool people do) I found myself yet again caught between the joys of good box art and that shameful feeling you get when you know you haven’t even started a game even though you’ve owned it long enough for it to need dusting. It was during this thought that I had a crazy brilliant idea – why not play through Legend of Heroes I and II? Heck, I’ve got just about every version of the games already (I do like my old Falcom) – why not play them all and impart the almighty wisdom such an endeavour would create unto the internet?
So there you have it; I’ve now talked myself into playing almost every version of the first two Legend of Heroes games this year, paired up by format and going from the earliest to the latest releases. Because that’s the sort of woman I am. A stupid one. This means that I’m going to be playing through them in this order:
PC-88/98->PC Engine->Super Famicom->Mega Drive->Windows (LoH1 only)->Saturn
You might be wondering why I’m missing out the X68k/MSX/FM-Towns/PS1 ports – the first reason is plain old money; I just can’t afford to be importing them. The second reason is that the differences between those and the ones I’ve got would bore a particularly unlikeable pedant, there’s not much to be found there unless the thought of a title logo being more blue than green (X68k version of LoH1) keeps you awake at
Oh! I suppose I shouldn’t assume that everyone already knows what I’m talking about!
The first two Legend of Heroes games were Falcom’s way of toe-dipping into “normal” JRPG territory, with the second game being a direct sequel to the first. They’re unlike anything Falcom did before or after and they don’t really get much coverage, so I’m hoping they’ll make for an interesting read for somebody….*tumbleweed rolls by*
Images were all taken from Sega’s VC pages here and here, because I’m being a lazy bum and I didn’t fancy firing up five different emulators.