Bits and Bobs: Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori Flyer (AKA Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

You never quite know what’s going to arrive when you order a game from abroad – sometimes you get a little “thank you” note, or a sticker, or even 400,000 Japanese Kit Kats (slight exaggeration, but I am still munching away at Kit Kat mountain even now). I also end up with a lot of flyers; most get shoved away somewhere (and some simply end up in the bin) but every now and then one catches my eye, like the lovely Animal Crossing booklet in the title.


Ultimately it still has exactly the same goals as every other piece of advertising out there – to get you to buy their product – but this one has a very fitting style and spends more time showing you the things you actually want to see instead of going for the more direct HERE’S THE BOX! HERE’S THE RELEASE DATE! PREORDER NOW! approach.

In any case it definitely got me to think about buying the game and I thought there were enough images to make it worth a look for everyone else, so here’s the complete set of scans.