A Quick Lord Monarch How-To Guide

Much as I love Falcom’s Monarch series they’re definitely not the easiest games to get into and even when you do start to get a grip on things the computer opponents tend to be pretty ruthless! So I was very pleased when I first booted up the Mega Drive game and found a short but pretty useful little tutorial on the basics of territory domination… unfortunately it’s in Japanese which isn’t a lot of use to most, so I went and translated it to try and be helpful and hopefully get a few more people enjoying the series. Even though the tutorial’s for the Mega Drive game this advice applies equally to any of the others, so feel free to drag out your Super Famicom, Playstation or even PC-88 Monarch games and have a go!

The English text “in” the game is just a simple screenshot edit by me, I haven’t actually done anything clever with the original game files – sorry!

I also wrote a short post if you’d like a bit of further information about the game itself - click!