A Little Look At… Sega Rally 2006 (kind of)

A few years ago (please don’t tell me you can’t work out when), Sega finally released an oft-delayed Sega Rally sequel on the Playstation 2 in Japan. I’ve scanned the outer box so you can see exactly the blandness you need to be avoiding -


Precisely zero stuffs were given, and even the normally excitable Famitsu gave it a middling score. The game would quite rightly be forgotten if it weren’t for one rather neat bonus….

That’s right, for some reason Sega decided to just pop an arcade-perfect port of the original (and best!) Sega Rally in there! This disc alone completely justifies 2006’s existence, they even bothered to include force-feedback wheel support for the total arcade experience. I suppose if there’s one downside to this release it’s that it’s literally arcade perfect, which means no split screen play. Options are also rather thin on the ground, although you do get to choose between three screen resolutions and get access to the difficulty and timer settings so there’s really not much more you could as from them. As the game didn’t get a Sega Ages series release (why?!) and it’s not been announced as part of the new digital Model 2 Collection this is the closest you can get to the real thing without either buying an arcade cabinet or doing some legally questionable downloading – brill!
PCSX2 does emulate the game although there are some texturing errors here and there (nothing unplayable, just occasionally ugly) that aren’t present when played on proper hardware, so if you see any issues in the screenshots below blame the emulator!
pcsx2-r5350 2013-02-26 09-59-03-82pcsx2-r5350 2013-02-26 10-00-03-40pcsx2-r5350 2013-02-26 10-06-37-35pcsx2-r5350 2013-02-26 10-04-20-44pcsx2-r5350 2013-02-26 10-02-39-24pcsx2-r5350 2013-02-26 10-01-16-56pcsx2-r5350 2013-02-26 10-09-34-15pcsx2-r5350 2013-02-26 10-07-27-07pcsx2-r5350 2013-02-26 10-04-58-05

I do love it when Sega do “pointless” things like this that perhaps aren’t the most sensible use of their time, this freebie is probably one of my most played Playstation 2 games!