A Little Look At… RainBlood Series Collection

I’ve literally just received this gorgeous collection this morning so I really can’t tell you a great deal about it but it’s so lovely I wanted to at least get a little post up just to get the name out there.


This collection is the first time these games have had a physical release – it’s wonderful to see a short (although well reviewed) game that started as an RPGmaker project turn into a trilogy with a lavish box set!

The first game had a touched-up English release as RainBlood I: Town of Death (still available on GamersGate), with a Chinese-only sequel titled “RainBlood 2: City of Flame” in late 2011 and a prequel “RainBlood: Mirage” in 2012. From what I can gather the first game is a straight RPG, the sequel is an RPG with a real-time action bent and the prequel is a straight action game, although I’ll want to play them myself before I commit to that, so don’t quote me!

Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a bit of time with these beautiful games in the near future, but for now I’ll leave you with some screenshots, artwork and a video taken from the official website for RainBlood: Mirage– enjoy!