Impatiently waiting for… Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 5 Qian Zhuan


Of course I am! Who isn’t?

*crickets chirp*

The game is now just a few days old and is most definitely A Big Deal in China as it’s the latest entry in the incredibly popular Xian Jian series and a prequel to the 2011 hit Xian Jian 5. I haven’t read any reviews/forum posts on it yet (spoilers!) but it must be doing well as both the limited and standard editions are completely sold out on Unfortunately I can’t really say a great deal about the game as mine’s still waiting to be shipped, but it appears to be running on the exact same engine as the previous game which means I will probably be bombarding everyone on Twitter with screenshots every five minutes because it’s just that beautiful. ヽ(▽`)ノ

Battles appear to be very much along the same lines as before too, and happily the game mixes in some great characters from XJ5 who didn’t get enough screentime in that story alongside all the new people.
More videos, artwork, character bios, music and plenty more can be found over on the official website – unless something’s gone horribly wrong this will probably be one of my top five games for the year, so go have a look!
(Screenshots are obviously pilfered from Gamersky)