A Little Look At… Project X Zone

So I’ve had my Japanese 3DS for a few days now and as Project X Zone is currently the only game I own for my fingerprint-prone shiny new handheld it’s naturally been seeing a fair bit of play time (when I haven’t been downloading demos off the surprisingly good e-shop) – and it’s good! The plot is naturally completely throwaway, although it is funny seeing how the plot handles the crossovers -  99% of the characters have already heard of each other by reputation whether they’re succubi or Interpol agents and anyone who pops up from the future, a parallel future, or the past is readily teamed up with or fought without anyone batting an eyelid!
It’s also incredibly easy (so far, which is up to chapter 6 at the moment) – to the point where I have no idea what happens if somebody dies because nobody has ever come close. Whether this is a positive or negative is up to you, personally it’s not something that concerns me and if it did their are plenty of other SRPGs available to satisfy that sort of thing. Battles tend to throw a whole heap of units at you right from the start and I don’t think I’ve seen an enemy with less than 4 digit HP, but you actually clear battlefields quite quickly as almost all attacks can be countered, and with a solo character and/or a nearby pairing to support you there’s a very good chance you can severely damage or even completely wipe out “popcorn” enemies when it’s not even meant to be your turn.
The lure of the game is naturally in the fanservice, and it warms the deepest recesses of my nerdy little heart. Some of the character combinations are blindingly obvious (Ryu+Ken, Ichiro+Sakura), but the odder ones are my favourites – seeing Lei Lei and Frank West beat seven bells out of T-elos is a lot of fun! Other standout moments include watching a tiny pixelled Akira use his Stun Palm of Doom (or whatever people call it these days) or hearing “Under the Imperial Flag” play when Erica Fontaine shows up.
The photos in this post are of the limited edition which includes a nice music CD (thankfully weighing in at 44 tracks rather than being one of those disappointing “selection” soundtracks) and an artbook, goodies that will hopefully be recreated for English speaking gamers when the game hits the US and EU this year!